Vintage Lots of Damaged “Marine Nationale” Officers Jacket

Vintage Lots of Damaged “Marine Nationale” Officers Jacket




1950-1960 Vintage Lots of Damaged French “Marine Nationale” Officers Tailor-made Jacket



タイトなVゾーンで今の着こなしに十分にフィットする、70年前の仕立てとは見えないフランス海軍“Marine Nationale”の下士官のテイラーメードのジャケット。

A tailor-made jacket for a petty officer of the French Navy “Marine Nationale”, which does not look like it was tailored 70 years ago, with a tight V-zone and fits well with today’s style.











The fabric is a deep dark marine blue wool serge with a soft but firm texture.











This jacket has a compact fit with a shapely waist and a sense of beauty that is typical of these days.











While the overall condition is good, the repair is attractive, focusing on the abrasions that were intensively found on the back side of the shoulders, the left and right sides around the navel of the front, and the cuffs.














The dealer’s guess is that the original owner may have been a member of a guard of honor or military band that often wore a leather belt like a Sam Brown belt worn over the jacket they wore.











The leather belt is in the form of a thin belt that hangs diagonally from the shoulders and a thicker belt that fastens around the waist. When worn, the part of the body fabric that touches the front has rubbed and frayed, which is exactly the condition indicated by the damage left on this jacket.











The patches on the scraps are made of indigo linen fabric from vintage and antique French biaudes.











The indigo, dyed dark black as only an old Biaude can be, is a fascinating repair with layered patches of various blues that have changed over time.











The patches are painstakingly sewn by hand using a blind stitch technique, while keeping the stitches to the surface as much as possible.














The damage created by chance and time, the indigo altered by chance and time, and the handiwork of a thinking seamster.











The felt collar lining has been replaced with India ink-dyed linen fabric to add a touch of elegance to the look when the collar is up.











The buttonholes have been dismantled and re-glued with linen cord, and the buttons are randomly selected buffalo horn buttons.











The interlining and shoulder padding, which had been too tight, have been removed to create a jacket with a relaxed fit that looks great washed out.











The cuffs, which were closed, have been remade into a modified “Honkiri” style. Whether open or folded over, they create a modern nuance and become a point of enjoyment for the wearer.











The center vent has been redesigned as a side vent to add an authentic and dynamic look and accent to the back.











The wrinkles, sagging, and suspensions created by the washing of the lining and outer fabric create a unique silhouette with a calculated and unpredictable interest.











Because it is hand-made, it has beautiful hand-stitched wrinkles and soft specifications.











Rustic cotton broadcloth replaced with cupro lining has moderate tension and wrinkles, and the rustic look of the yarn is appealing.











The pockets are also once dismantled, lined, and attached by scooping and sewing by hand with the edges slightly floating to create a rounded and gently three-dimensional pocket.











The back of the flap is also replaced with rustic cotton for a rich look of contrast, movement, and cleanliness.














The sackcloth of the chest pocket is also newly made with rustic cotton, and as is often the case with vintage clothing, there is a lot of dirt stuck in the pockets and a surprising amount of dust on the back of the garment. It is a basic principle of ALTERATION to leave nothing unnecessary behind.











It is a garment that fascinates people who have values that are never created on paper or digital screens, and who are not confused by trends, brands, or prices.













サイズ 2

肩幅 =44cm 


袖丈 =63 cm 

着丈 =73cm


Front Fabric = Wool Serge / Wool 100%        

Back Fabric  = Indian Rustic Cotton Broad Cloth / Cotton 100%

Buttons   = Buffalo Horn Button & Antique Fabric Covered Button





1950-1960 Vintage Lots of Damaged French “Marine Nationale” Officers Tailor-made Jacket

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