Linen/Cotton Herringbone Custom-made Hunting Jacket

Linen/Cotton Herringbone Custom-made Hunting Jacket



1950-1960 Vintage Linen/Cotton Herringbone Custom-made French Hunting Jacket





This is a French hunting jacket from about 70 years ago. In the days when hunting was still a high class hobby, these jackets were not mass produced in a factory, but were custom ordered. This is a jacket from a time when many things were left over from the modern hunting clothes made of chemical fibers, zippers and velcro in pursuit of high performance and functionality.











This linen/cotton herringbone jacket is tailored for the spring and fall seasons, which are different from the gibier season of fall and winter, and can be called the off-season for hunting.











Most hunting jackets for fall and winter come in dead colors such as gray, brown and ocher that blend in with the fields and mountains of the dead leaf season. Olive green like this jacket is unexpectedly rare and is a color unique to the green season.












In France, hunting as a leisure and sporting activity is said to be the second most popular sport after soccer.

More than 1.2 million people (mostly men) have hunting licenses, which is about 5% of all French men over the age of 16 who are eligible for a hunting license, second only to the 2.2 million soccer enthusiasts and higher than the 1.1 million tennis enthusiasts.











In the past, hunting was a pastime for the privileged and wealthy classes, such as the aristocracy, and a luxury game for ordinary people other than hunters who hunted as a job to earn a living. However, with the passage of time, it gradually became a widely enjoyed pastime in the modern era.














A subdued shade of olive green that has been burned by exposure to the sun.











The original buttonholes were unraveled and re-bound with linen cord, and new buttonholes were made to double the number. The buttons lined up in a row create a classic, yet modern and powerful look.











The most popular of all Vintage buttons, these buttons were used on French hunting jackets, where one button was equivalent to two Big Macs. The buttons are sewn on with a variety of materials and randomly selected animal motifs.














The buttons, which have a bit of peeling paint and dull color, are imprinted with the traces of nearly 70 years of time that have been spent on this jacket.











The almost flat pattern of the collar gives it a unique French vintage look. Once dismantled, the damage was repaired and the back of the collar was changed to antique linen with fine stitching.












The front hemline has been changed to a slightly rounded shape to give a lighter impression.










ダメージに上から生地をのせてpatchするのではなく、象嵌細工のように生地をくり抜きながらモザイク状に生地をpatchしていくフランス独特のpatch work=travail de patchで描き出した象嵌模様。

The inlaid pattern is drawn by the unique French patch work = travail de patch, where the fabric is patched in a mosaic pattern while hollowing out the fabric like inlaid work, instead of patching the damage by putting the fabric on top.











Sleeves that curve along the shape of the arm. The jacket, tailored in a three-dimensional pattern that follows the basics of French tailoring, not only has the functionality of being made for hunting, but is also full of beauty and strength.











The frayed hems, cuffs, and left and right fronts were patched using fabrics from various vintages and painstakingly repaired by darning.












The contrast of the fabric and color of the liner, which is made by removing the old lining, removing the dust that has accumulated on the inside, and attaching the liner by hand, as well as the plump taste created by the wrinkles created by sewing with linen cords, are the elements that eliminate the filthiness that clings to old clothes, and furthermore, dispel the heavy impression that comes with old clothes and change them into a modern impression. The rustic cotton broadcloth has a moderate texture.

Rustic cotton broadcloth has the right amount of tension and wrinkles, and the rustic look of the yarn woven in India is appealing.











The pockets are lined and double-layered, and the insides are scooped and sewn to the body by hand to create a plump, textured form.The buttons on the flap are usually small, about 16mm, but the owner’s custom uses 25mm animal buttons like the others.














A classic tasteful back with an elastic band to gather at the waist of the back, like a pinch back with a belt and tuck.











When you dismantle the vintage, you’ll find an amazing amount of dirt and dust stuck on the inside from years of use. Get rid of the unpleasant stuff.











The stitchwork on the back is accented with vintage linen cords that are carefully stitched to create a cross-shaped motif.











Hand work on the lining and around the hem. The natural disorder of the stitches, which are painstakingly sewn into the fabric by hand, is the crystallization of time giving a rich flavor.












The traces reflected by time and the clothes with their soft wrinkles.

These are things that can never be created on paper or in a digital screen.











The charm and texture of vintage clothing, which cannot be found in newly made clothing, is combined with the present, making this a piece of clothing that is distinctly different from clothing that only makes you nostalgic for the world of sepia-toned photographs.










サイズ 2

肩幅   =45 cm

袖丈 =62 cm


着丈 =70cm


Outer Fabric = Linen/Cotton Herringbone 

Lining Fabric = Indian Rustic Cotton Broad Cloth / Cotton100%

Button         = Vintage Animal Relief Button (Random Choice)

                     & Antique Fabric Covered Button







1950-1960 Vintage Linen/Cotton Herringbone Custom-made French Hunting Jacket

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