Vintage Darning & Patches British Sun Faded Banker Stripe Jacket

Vintage Darning & Patches British Sun Faded  Banker Stripe Jacket



1960-1970 Vintage Lots of Darning & Patches British Sun Faded Grey Banker Stripe Jacket 




There are very few items that are exactly the same, and even if there are, they are very few in number, so you can’t wear the same item as others (=unique?). There are many reasons why people choose vintage clothes, such as: the interesting change with age due to being worn, the freshness of designs and patterns that are not found in current items, the image of wearing vintage clothes = being a little more fashionable, and the rarity. There are various reasons why people choose vintage clothes, such as the image of being a fashionable person who wears vintage clothes, and rarity.











Take, for example, the texture of the fabric of this jacket. I think that the fabric production such as spinning and weaving 60 years ago, and the difference in the quality of the wool itself, whose growing environment and feeding are different from today, are things that we cannot hope to reproduce or replicate today.











Many designers use old looms and seek out artisans to weave fabrics to achieve this fascinating look. However, even if they can produce a fabric with a texture close to what they are aiming for, there is no way to control the accumulation of time until the fabric is woven into a garment and called Vintage.











This elegant stripe is the image of an English gentleman. The moderate bristling of the spun yarn and the soft feel, yet the presence of the tightly packed texture may be unique to old wool.











The lapels were small for the time. The tailor’s individuality and assertion are brought to life in a way that only a tailor-made product can.











It is very rare that the latest trends and standards of the time fit today as they were. This is especially true for Westerners, whose basic skeletal structure differs from that of us Japanese.











This one also has the same style of tailor’s jackets of the time, with firm shoulder pads that create a strong shoulder line, a solid core that is more appropriate for being firm than tight, open sleeves with button closures, and a square hem with no vents. It was a bit dowdy for clothes worn nowadays.











We removed the padding, adjusted the shoulder width, rounded the hems, lightened the hems, adjusted the sleeve width and length, made deformed side vents and main cutouts, made new buttonholes on the sleeves and collar, hand-bagged the others together, rebuilt the lining and inside pockets, reworked the pocket bag cloth, …etc…











The sleeves are too thick, the shoulders are sloppily padded, the length is too long, the atmosphere is too heavy and dull for some reason, the lining is stained and the pockets are filled with dust from who knows when, it’s a little filthy and old-fashioned and doesn’t fit, but that’s vintage, and that’s fine (and that’s what it’s supposed to be). It’s a lot of extra work for people who think it’s vintage and that’s all right (and that’s good).











For those who think that sleeves are too thick and padded with bum padding on the shoulders, that the length is too slouchy, that the garment is somehow heavy and dull, that the lining is stained and the pockets are filled with dust from who knows when, that it’s a little filthy and old-fashioned and doesn’t fit, that it’s vintage and that’s fine (that’s good), my work is a lot of totally unnecessary work.










生地は、起毛と縮絨を軽く仕上げた、上質でなフランネルのストライプ。ライトなミディアムグレーのベースにオフホワイトのストライプが走るBanker Stripeとも呼ばれる生地は、英国紳士好みの上品なもの。

The fabric is a fine flannel stripe with a lightly brushed and shrunken finish. The light medium gray base with off-white stripes, also known as Banker Stripe, is a classy fabric for the English gentleman.












The compact fit, with a shape at the waist, is infused with a sense of beauty that is unique to these days.The rounded shape of the hemline creates a classic look.











Hand-work is added to buttonholes, around the collar, and throughout the garment.











Patches and darning adorn the damage. By undoing the stitches, an airy and rich expression is created at the edge collars and hems.











The unusual look created by tripling the number of buttons.












The buttons are randomly selected from a variety of colors and shapes of vintage and antique corozo (mainly Ecuadorian tagua palms). These quaint buttons are made by processing the endosperm inside the seed of the palm.

Before the development of plastics from the 19th century to the 1950s, these buttons were actively made to take advantage of their smooth texture, hardness, durability, and dyeability.










vegetable ivoryの呼び名通りの乳白色の実を削って加工される何とも言えない丸みと、乳白色のベースを染める事で生まれる優しい色合いの魅力。見た目に反してしっかりした質感と重みを兼ね備えた、味わい深さを持ったボタンです。

As the name “vegetable ivory” implies, this button has an indescribable roundness created by shaving milky white berries, and the charm of the gentle coloring produced by dyeing the milky white base. Contrary to its appearance, this button has a solid texture and weight, and has a deep sense of taste.













The flap lining and pocket pouch fabric have also been replaced with rustic cotton for a rich look of contrast, movement, and cleanliness. The new pocket pouch fabric removes the unidentified dust that has accumulated over the years and gives an accent to the pockets. The basic idea is to remove the unidentifiable remnants stuck in the corners of the pockets that are common in Vintage, the discoloration on the sides of the lining and around the neck, and anything else that cannot be called a gift of time.












The closed cuffs have been reworked into shaped surgeon’s cuffs by joining the fabric.

Whether opened or folded back, they create a modern nuance and add to the enjoyment of wearing the garment. The side vents are also newly made by hand by joining the fabric, and the hand-stitched wrinkles are beautiful and soft.











Rustic cotton broadcloth with a cupra lining has just the right amount of tension and wrinkle, and the rustic look of the yarn is appealing.











Normal with a shirt and denim, authentic with a tied-up and pants, black in an artisanal style, or sepia person with a vintage look. These are garments that enchant people with a variety of values, who are not confused by fads, brands, or price tags.










サイズ 1

肩幅 =40cm 


袖丈 =60 cm 

着丈 =70cm


表地      = Wool Flannel Banker Stripe / Wool100%                

ライニング = Indian Rustic Cotton Broad Cloth / Cotton100%

ボタン     = Vintage & Antique Corozo button ( Random Choice)

                   & Antique Fabric Covered Button






1960-1970 Vintage Lots of Darning & Patches British Sun Faded Grey Banker Stripe Jacket 

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