Vintage French Fire Departments Salt&Pepper Work Uniform Jacket

Vintage  French Fire Departments Salt&Pepper Work Uniform Jacket



1940-1950 Vintage French Local Fire Departments Salt&Pepper(“GRIS de Travail”) Cotton Twill Made Work Uniform Jacket 




A 1940’s French fire department work jacket. This jacket is filled with many of the unique qualities of France that have been discarded in favor of modern functionality-first work clothes.







軍に所属するパリ消防隊(Brigade des sapeurs-pompiers de Paris=sapeurs-pompiers)や、マルセイユ消防大隊(Bataillon de Marins-Pompiers de Marseille)のようなフランスの消防組織を代表する組織のものではなく、フランス全土レベルの消防組織の再編や規則の整理、制定以前のフランスの地方組織で使われた様々なユニフォーム。

Not those of organizations representing French firefighting organizations, such as the Paris Fire Brigade (Brigade des sapeurs-pompiers de Paris = sapeurs-pompiers) belonging to the military, or the Bataillon de Marins-Pompiers de Marseille (Marseille Fire Battalion).

Various uniforms used in French local organizations before the reorganization of firefighting organizations at the French national level and the consolidation and establishment of regulations.











France in the 1940s was still panting in the aftermath of World War II. The most commonly seen uniforms of French firefighters at this time were the indigo blue wool (fall/winter) and linen (spring/summer) uniforms worn for clerical work at fire stations, and the leather jackets worn for firefighting.













この “GRIS de Travail” (グレーの仕事着)と呼ばれるsalt&Pepper素材のワークジャケットは、消防車の整備や消火器機の加工や整備、消火活動終了後の火災現場での作業など、汚れる事の多い業務時の上っ張りとして一部の地域の消防組織で支給された物とのことで、目にする事の少ない1着です。

This salt & pepper work jacket called “GRIS de Travail” (gray work jacket) was issued by some local firefighting organizations for use as a jacket during work that often got dirty, such as maintenance of fire trucks, processing and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment, and work at fire scenes after firefighting activities were completed.

This is a rare piece of clothing that is rarely seen.











This is a tightly woven twill with a melange of off-white and gray warp yarns (twisted grain) and a gray weft yarn.











The color and texture of the salt and pepper fabric is so perfect that it’s hard to believe that it was chosen just because it doesn’t show dirt.











The shades and wrinkles like ink paintings that reflect the passage of time, evolving into a light gray as they are worn, have a creativity that can never be reproduced by processing.











The buttonholes are all unthreaded and re-glued with linen cord during disassembly.











Waterproof, highly perspiring, tough, and flame-resistant. Materials have become more and more functional, and shapes have evolved to pursue mobility and work efficiency, but in terms of fashion, the world of work wear must be degenerating.











The frayed, torn, and perforated areas throughout show that this garment belonged to a working man, and that it has been loved and used for a long time, a testament to the jacket’s history of being decorated in various ways, including stitching, darning, and patches.











The pockets are removed once, lined and double-layered, and then scooped and sewn by hand to the inside of the body to create a plump, textured form.











A stand collar that stands up relatively low and gently, rather than being tight like a stuffed collar.











The beautifully curved sleeves are unique to French workwear, where the advantages of three-dimensional patterns come alive. The cuffs have an open shape as well as repairing the damage.














The buttons and buttonholes are lined up in increasing numbers, giving it a classic yet modern look. The minimalist look that cancels out the warmth of handwork is old yet new.











Vintage aluminum alloy buttons that were actually used for fire department uniforms and still retain their dull shine after 80 years. The buttons add a lightness and softness to the sturdy impression.











The yarn playing with the cut hems of the linings makes the impression dry and light.











The back has a classic look with a belt and shallow pleats at the waist, often used in old workwear.











The stitchwork on the back is done with neppy vintage linen cord thread. The cross-shaped motif is drawn by stitch by stitch with great care.











The unintentional disorder of the stitches used to sew the lining, label, and cuffs by hand creates a plump look.











The jackets are tailored in a three-dimensional pattern that follows the basics of French tailoring, and are not only functional and made for professionals, but are also full of the spirit, beauty, and strength of French esprit.











Clothes with shades that reflect the time that has passed, and clothes with plump wrinkles. The charm and texture of VINTAGE, which cannot be obtained with newly made items, is combined with the present, and this is a piece of clothing that makes a clear distinction from clothes that only make you nostalgic for the world of sepia-toned photographs.










サイズ 2

肩幅  =43 cm

バスト =55cm(脇下) 

袖丈  =61cm(脇下)   

着丈  =70cm


Front Fabric = Cotton Salt&Pepper Twill / Cotton100%

Back Fabric  = Indian Rustic Cotton Broad Cloth /  Cotton 100%

Buttons    = Vintage Aluminium alloy Button

                       & Antique Fabric Covered Buttons


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1940-1950 Vintage French Local Fire Departments Salt&Pepper(“GRIS de Travail”) Cotton Twill Made Work Uniform Jacket

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