Vintage Indigo French Linen Villette Fabric Made Mquignon Work Coat

Vintage Indigo  French Linen Villette Fabric Made Mquignon Work Coat



Mid 20th Century Vintage Indigo Dyed Pure French Linen Villette Fabric Made Mquignon Work Coat




This coat was prototyped from the Maquignon coats of the early 1900s, taking advantage of the beautifully crafted sleeves that follow the lines of the body with a shoulder slope and curve to meet the need for arm movement.











France, which still produces more than 70% of the world’s flax, is literally the land of linen. Flax is used not only for clothing, but also for home linens such as sheets and bedding, table linens such as tablecloths and napkins, and is the most familiar fiber to the French, more closely related to their daily lives than cotton.











In recent years, with the development of spinning technology in China and other countries, most of the processes other than the cultivation of raw materials (especially spinning by Junbun, which is mostly done in China) are now done outside of France, and the spinning process to turn linen into yarn is mostly done outside of France. However, at the time this fabric was produced, the fabric was grown, spun, and woven in France, and could be called a genuine French linen.











A fabric called villette, often used in Maquignon garments, is woven with fine linen yarns and dyed with indigo. Among these fabrics, this one is quite light and soft in texture.











The beauty of French workwear lies in the three-dimensional, curvilinear designs created by patterns and sewing based on tailor-made work, and the expression of the fabrics that overflow with atmosphere. It is a completely different world from the tough and rugged workwear of the U.S. and U.K., where contrasting thick and sturdy stitches are double and triple stitched.











The French style, the cradle of fashion, was born for working people, and although it is supposed to be conceived in response to the demand for functionality, it does not forget “comfort” and “design sophistication”.











The fabrics are from an era when much of the fabric was still handled, spun, and woven by craftsmen, using their hands and intuition.











Tasteful unevenness created by hand stitching on the sides, outseams, and patches.











The texture retains the rustic feel characteristic of old fabrics. The indigo has been slightly scorched by the sun, and the deep hue is mixed with a gradation of faded shades of color. As the wearer wears it more and more, the more blue it becomes, the more enjoyable it becomes. The change from now on is a proof of the wearer’s attachment.











Pockets with a rounded, soft form, hand-stitched with floating edges.











The silhouette is firm and voluminous, yet soft and curvy, blending with the precious fabric.












The buttons we chose are the most popular vintage buttons, 15-16mm buttons that were used for French hunting jackets, where one button is equivalent to 1-1.5 big macs.














Various materials and motifs of various animals are randomly selected and stitched in a row. The buttons, with their slightly peeling paint and dull colors, bear the imprint of a long time.














The buttonholes are lined up in rows, just like the buttons, and are hand-crafted with linen cords. The useless pockets sewn by hand also add a little accent.











Lining sewn by hand. The uneven stitching, which conveys stoicism rather than hand warmth, the expression of the stitching wrinkles, and the contrast of the fabrics create a dry depth. The lining, woven in India, with its rustic texture and wrinkled charm of unbleached fabric of moderate thickness, creates a contrast with the outer fabric and a sense of cleanliness.











The vintage and antique villette patches that cover the important points and the patches that connect the missing fabrics reflect a time that can never be reproduced by processing.













リネンのantiqueのindia ink染めのpiqueを使った裏襟。細かなステッチ。

Back collar with linen antique india ink dyed pique. Fine stitching.














The cuffs are also hand-stitched. Buttonholes made of linen cords are also all hand-stitched.











Traditional VINTAGE fabrics and the form of work clothes that are no longer made. This is a one-of-a-kind coat created by fusing dry hand work and modernity into it. It is a piece that highlights the individuality and presence of the wearer.











肩幅 = 47cm

バスト= 57cm (脇下)

袖丈 = 60cm

着丈 = 96cm 

Front Fabric  = Indigo Dyed Indigo Linen villette / Linen
Back Fabric  = Indian Rustic Cotton Broad Cloth  / Cotton100%
Buttons     = Vintage & Antique Animal Relief Button (Random Choice)

                       & Antique Fabric Covered Buttons






Mid 20th Century Vintage Indigo Dyed French Linen Villette Fabric Made Mquignon Work Coat

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