Vintage French Heavy Corduroy Made Tailor-made Old Hunting Jacket

Vintage French Heavy Corduroy Made Tailor-made Old Hunting Jacket


1930-1940 Vintage French Heavy Corduroy Made Tailor-made Old Hunting Jacket




In France, the hunting ban is lifted around the end of September, and as the autumn season deepens, gibier starts to appear on the market shelves and the autumn season of food begins in earnest. France is the largest hunting country in Europe and has a culture of enjoying gibier, so not only professional hunters but also many people look forward to the lifting of the hunting ban in autumn.











In France, hunting as a leisure and sporting activity is said to be the second most popular sport after soccer. More than 1.2 million people (mostly men) have hunting licenses, which is about 5% of all French men over the age of 16 who are eligible for a hunting license, second only to the 2.2 million soccer enthusiasts and higher than the 1.1 million tennis enthusiasts.














In the past, hunting was a pastime for the privileged and wealthy classes such as the aristocracy. It was an extravagant pastime for ordinary people, except for hunters who hunted as a means of earning a living. In the modern era, however, it has gradually become a widely enjoyed pastime.











This is a French hunting jacket from about 90 years ago. It was made to order by a tailor, not mass produced in a factory, when hunting was still a high class hobby. This is a jacket from a time when the pursuit of high performance and functionality left a lot to be desired, something that modern hunting wear consisting of synthetic fibers, zippers and velcro has abandoned.














Even on atelier coats and work jackets, France, the birthplace of fashion, does not forget about unnecessary decorative elements just to satisfy practicality and functionality, and has gone to the trouble of making molds and engraving animal motifs on the buttons. The buttons, with their slightly peeling paint and dull colors.











Dog, horse, deer, boar, fox, wolf. Vintage animal relief buttons with a mix of hunter and prey. The original buttonholes are unraveled and re-glued with linen cord, and new buttonholes are made to double the number of buttons, creating a classic yet modern and powerful look.















This jacket does not have game pockets made to hold the hunted prey. The original owner must have been someone who didn’t need to carry the game himself (someone who could have a servant or subordinate carry it for him), or someone who hunted only large four-legged animals such as deer or boar, not small wild rabbits or fowl that could fit in the game pockets. Hunting large four-legged animals was more gamey than hunting wild rabbits, etc., and for a long time it was only allowed for the aristocracy.











In addition to the lack of game pockets, the fact that this jacket was not made in a factory but was tailored at a tailor’s shop, and the fact that the chest pocket is only on the left side of the chest, indicate that this jacket belonged to a person of high social standing.











The fabric is corduroy, suitable for the fall and winter hunting seasons. The grayish brown, thickly ridged corduroy is sturdily woven and in an unbelievable condition that is nearly 90 years old.











A thick corduroy with taut base fabric, woven tightly and densely with thick yarn. Over a long period of time, it has faded a little and developed a nice withered taste. However, the sturdy fabric, with almost no shedding of fluff, is unique to this era and hard to find nowadays.













 “Velours d’Amiens” などと呼ばれるこのコーデュロイは、フランス北部のAmiens(アミアン) で1793年にPierre Cosseratによって創設されたCossera社が作り出しました。Amiensはパリから北へ150kmの距離にある都市で、運河や水上庭園、アミアン大聖堂が有名な町です。インディゴ染料であるwoad(ウォード)の栽培が行われていたこの辺りは、布地の生産も盛んに行われ、高級なベルベット織物の産出地でした。

This corduroy, also known as “Velours d’Amiens”, is produced by Cossera, a company founded by Pierre Cosserat in 1793 in Amiens, northern France. Amiens is a city located 150km north of Paris, famous for its canals, water gardens and Amiens Cathedral. Amiens is a city 150 km north of Paris, famous for its canals, water gardens, and Amiens Cathedral, where the indigo dye “woad” was cultivated, and where cloth production was also active, producing fine velvet fabrics.














The look of the round, flat pattern around the collar has a unique atmosphere that can only be found in vintage French clothing.














Sleeves that curve along the shape of the arm. The jacket is tailored with a three-dimensional pattern that follows the basics of French tailoring, and is not only functional for hunting, but is also full of French spirit, beauty, and strength.











The frayed cuffs were repaired by patching with multiple types of fabric and painstaking darning.













オリジナルの旧いライニングを除去して、未晒しのRustic cottonに変更し、ヴィンテージの重いイメージを中和して、清潔でモダンな印象と着込まれた風合いを両立させたジャケットになっています。

The original old lining has been removed and replaced with unbleached rustic cotton, neutralizing the heavy vintage image and giving the jacket both a clean, modern look and a worn-in texture.










ウエストポケットも胸ポケット、内ポケット全て旧い袋布を取り外して、新たにrustic cottonで作り替えています。長年の間にたまる服の内側の埃や、ポケットに残る汚れやこびりついた埃を取り除き、不潔な残滓は全てゴミ箱へ捨てる事もALTERATIONの基本です。

The waist pockets, chest pockets, and inside pockets are all made from rustic cotton after removing the old sackcloth. ALTERATION is also based on removing dust from the inside of the garment, dirt and stuck dust from the pockets, and throwing all filthy residue into the trash.














The hemline is slightly trimmed to add a light and soft impression.











The stitchwork on the back is accented with vintage linen cords that are carefully stitched to create a cross-shaped motif.











Hand work on the lining and around the hem. The natural disorder of the stitches, which are painstakingly sewn into the fabric by hand, is the crystallization of time giving a rich flavor.











Clothes that are not just vintage, for people who do not want their clothes to have antique value or to serve as a price tag to make them look expensive.










サイズ 3

肩幅  = 50 cm

袖丈 = 60 cm

バスト= 61cm(脇下)   

着丈 =73cm


Outer Fabric = Heavy Weight Corduroy “Velours d’Amiens” /Cotton100%

Lining Fabric = Indian Rustic Cotton Broad Cloth /Cotton100%

Button          = Vintage Animal Relief Button (Random Choice)

                       & Antique Fabric Covered Button






1930-1940 Vintage French Heavy Corduroy Made Tailor-made Old Hunting Jacket」[ALTERATION By Manure of Drawers]  SOLD